Friday, June 22, 2012

My Nostalgia: Beast Wars

Sometimes I wonder if they'll be completely forgotten. Could they be damned to the sands of time, a fleeting memory in the ether? Will they be completely overshadowed by their forefathers? It's a depressing thought. These metal men and women deserve better.

The robots you see above are the Maximals, the Transformers I grew up with. I was born in 1990, so I missed the G1 series and the childhood zeitgeist that seems to be shared by everyone on the internet. My childhood was a world where Batman and the Power Rangers were kings of grade school entertainment, where Pokemon was a mandatory hobby and Elmo and Barney ruled the Earth. It was a time when I'll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy was played as a constant tribute to a fallen king of rap, whom along with his rival ruler have ascended into hip hop godhood. It was time of bright colors, flannel, grunge, hip hop, gansta rap, the heady highs of the X-Men and the lows of the comic book industy. It was the 90's, and it was mine.

(Wait, what am I doing rambling on about the 90's? Focus, Jordan, focus.)

I'm not here to review Beast Wars, that's for another day. Instead, I shall give you my  memories.My love for the Beast Wars era.

My discovery of the series is not at all unique. I caught the show after school. I have hazy memories of sitting in the family room, watching the show while I waited for my grandpa to pick me up to take me to karate lessons. I remember the Transmetals 2 Dinobot II, the first run Rhinox and Cheetor being some of my favorite toys. And I remember the Christmases and birthdays when I got the box sets of the seasons, one by one.

My Advice: Buy them

I fell in love with the series all over again, watching the heady highs (Code of A Hero) to the loathsome lows (The Low Road). And I love the series to this day. It had complex themes and stories, engaging characters on both sides, and the action and stakes were high and never lacked impact, be it for comedy (Waspinator's various destructions) to the deadly serious (Dinobot's demise).

And to go back to my beginning statement, I wonder if they'll be completely forgotten one day, eclipsed by G1. I'd love to think that maybe the Hub will rerun the series. I wonder of the possibilities of a spinoff movie series for them, made by those with actual love and affection for these great heroes and villains and a basic grasp of competent film making. But those are just my hopes. All I can know for sure is that as long as I live, they'll never be forgotten.

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  1. I loved beast wars. Growing up at the same time I can say it is such a dear memory watching the show after school. I would visit my father every second weekend and he would take me toy shopping just to look at beast wars figures.
    I still have all of them sitting in tubs at his house.
    Nostalgia'd hard.