Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Heroes: Fortune and Glory

So, I said that  I might do Jake the Dog from Adventure Time as the next inductee into the hallowed halls of My Heroes. Well, I changed my mind. Today, prompted by the fact I wrote an article about the movies as a whole, I've decided to spotlight the world's most badass archeologist: Dr. Henry Jones Jr.

The face of adventure
Indiana Jones is something of an idol. He's a man's man. A ladies' man. A intelligent man with enough grit and strength to take on whatever the Nazis have to offer. He's never far from his trusty whip, gun and beloved hat. He was a hero even back when he was a boy scout in Utah. He's a man a little kid could look up to. All while keeping his job as a college professor. That is on hell of a guy right there.

The cover boy for Adventurer's Quarterly
But that's not to say that the man is a Mary Sue. (or Gary Stu, or whatever you call the male equivalent of Mary Sues). The man's got his faults and they often end up biting him in the ass. His desire to seek out treasure and obtain knowledge of its power can override his reason (i.e. not blowing up the Ark when he had the chance). He often finds himself in the clutches of the villain as much as James Bond does. He's been mind controlled by mad cultists and forced to almost kill close companions. He finds himself toe to toe with guys who are as good or better in a fistfight than he is. Lastly, he doesn't really tend to plan on the many, many hairy situations he finds himself in

These faults are not deal-breakers, however. In fact, they make him more compelling. His lack of foresight forces him to be a quick thinker in the deathtraps he finds himself in. He always eventually gets his head back together in time to save himself and his friends, damn the prize. He's a patriot  and will do anything he can for the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. And despite all of the goons who want take Dr. Jones on in a brawl, he always finds a way to win. Not always a clean way, but all's fair in the hunt for magical artifacts that could change the world.

Tuesday for Dr. Jones
The man is, above all else, human. (Well, human with the superpower of damn good luck, but still human). He bleeds. He has his fears. He gets old. He has his limits. But that doesn't matter to him. He'll do everything he can to save the day from mad cultists like Mola Ram, stop the Soviets from controlling people's brains and make sure that the pure unmitigated evil of the Nazis is stopped. He never, under any circumstances, gives up. And that, my friends, makes Indiana Jones one of My Heroes.

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  1. This is against my better judgment, but I have a confession to make: the only Indy movie I've ever seen is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It's not like that was my intention, but for some reason I have a lot of gaps when it comes to popular/classic movies...or just movies in general.

    That said, if ever there was a series of movies I was committed to seeing, it's the Indiana Jones movies. All of them. No matter what. I feel like I'm doing myself a disservice by not watching them, doubly so thanks to this post.

    This is a mistake that must be rectified -- no matter the cost.