Monday, December 10, 2012

Make It So: Revoltech Transformers Edition (aka Toy Request #23)

Revoltech, you got the touch!

Well, I've been quiet for the last few days. Time for me to go back to my usual wells ad give you  another bloody toy request! Wave up your arms wildly in thanks!

 Thank you, Kermit.

Okay, let's get to it. Hey, Revoltech!

Who, me?
Yes, you. I'd like to speak to you about your Transformer toys. The classic model ones, not the Bayformers versions.
Now that's more like it.

While I cannot say that I've ever purchased one of them, I can say that I am deeply interested in someday getting one when I have the funds. They look really cool and I would happily ignore they were designed by Pat "Bastard Who Embezzles Funds From His Own Company And Gets Away With It" Lee. But I, strange fanboy beggar that I am, would like to ask you to meet me halfway. As such, I shall ask you t do the following things, as presented as a bulleted list:

  • First: Please, for the love of all that is holy, re-release the figures you have made. Optimus, Starscream, Megatron, Ultra Magnus, and Hot Rod. Please! I beg you!
  • Second: Please give the figures an US release. You can go with something like Bluefin or just make a deal with Toys R' Us, but I'm sure your American audience would love to see more of these guys
  • Third: Please make more characters!  Come on, there's plenty of other characters you can bring in from G1, Beast Wars and all the other revivals of the franchise. Hell, I'll take more Bayformers toys just because I (begrudgingly) acknolwedge there's a fanbase for them. I'll give you a few characters that I'm pretty sure will be big sellers (yes, its a list within a list.)
  1. Jazz (G1)
  2. Soundwave (G1)
  3.  Thundercracker (G1)
  4.  Bumblebee (G1) 
  5. Wheeljack (G1 or Prime)
  6. Shockwave (G1)
  7. Galvatron (G1)
  8. Prowl (G1)
  9. Grimlock (G1 dino mode)
  10. Kup (G1)
  11. Arcee (G1 and/or Prime)
  12. Optimus Primal (Beast Wars)
  13. Rattrap (Beast Wars)
  14. Waspinator (Beast Wars)
  15. Black Arachnia (Beast Wars)
  16. Dinobot (Beast Wars)
  17. Megatron (TF/GI Joe crossover paint)
  18. Rachet (Prime and/or G1)
  19.  Devastator (G1: make it an internet exclusive)
  20. Sideswipe (my token Bayformers entry since he annoys me the least)
So there. That's all I have to say. If you think these ideas are any good, tell other people or ask Revoltech yourselves. If not, please tell me what you would want done. Thank you for your time.

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